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                                  Rates listed at bottom




 Studio or location pictures

with a twist of fun!



Photos at the party on location from start to finish



Two people dating, engagement,  married couple


Don’t wait for 25 or 50 years; celebrate any year together with photos


Your home now or “the old homestead”; your business; grandma’s antique organ, grandpa’s farming tools/equipment, etc.

      Mom & me

Dad & me

Grandma/pa & me

Parent with child (regardless of age) in the garden, on the boat, at the barn, etc.  Grandparent with child/grandchild in the kitchen, on the railroad tracks, at a military memorial, etc.


Currently serving or retired in dress and/or everyday uniform


Any combination of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and/or 4th generation; Your son with great-grandpa in a vintage car; Daughter, grandmother and mother having a tea party . . . .

  Pets & People

Whatever kind of pet(s) you own (dog, cat, horse, snake, lizard, goat, pot-belly pig – any kind) and you or your children/family.

  Men & Toys

Men with their “prized possessions”: old/new car, truck, motorcycle, musical instrument, tractor, surfboard, etc. . .


Family, group or individual pictures for Christmas, Easter, New Year’s, Halloween.


Beginning from make-up, hair, nails to fully dressed and ready.

  Athletic games

“Watch me!”  Your child in action (little league, middle school, high school) playing any sport

  Graduation Profile

A series of pictures taken in several settings in  various attire.


Month by month progression of life. Can be done as a collage or sequence.

  Baby’s First Year

Pictures taken once a month for 12 months.


Pictures of the way it began and the finished product (building a house, refinishing furniture, rebuilding  car, landscape yard, losing weight)


 To schedule a personal photography shoot:  

                                  call  864-704-9375


Rates for Single Date Shoots:


   Photographer flat fee :      $50     on location/one hour

            (within 30 mile radius of studio in Surprise, AZ)

                      More than one hour = $25/hour in addition to $50


  CD of prints:

             1 - 99 pictures   $  50

          100 - 150 pictures    $100

              151 - 200        $150

                 201 - up to 400   $200 

 (Please request pricing for more than 400 photos)

  Link to file :                                   

        1 - 99 pictures  $  50

         100 - 150 pictures    $100

              151 - 200        $150

                 201 - up to 400   $200 

  (Please request pricing for more than 400 photos)


 Print Packages and Individual Prints also available 


        Note: Forms of payment accepted at this time - Cashier's Check, Money Order and Cash


    To schedule a personal photography shoot: 

                                 call  864-704-9375







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